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WHY KW-Signs


We are extremely excited to have you join KW-Signs.  We ask all KW-Signs members, whose principal method of communication is NOT sign, to provide us with a short video to demonstrate proficiency.   The video will be reviewed by a panel of Deaf agents who will provide a number 1-3 describing the level of proficiency.     1- Fluent and clear, 2 - learner proficient, 3 - learner adequate.  This information is provided to the referral agent and clients when a referral is made to set expectations.  



Why do you want to join KW-Signs and how do you see KW-Signs helping the Deaf and HH communities.

Please email your video to

*Be advised, unless explicitly directed in writing to KW-Signs, KW-Signs and Keller Williams Realty has permission to use your membership video for marketing purposes. 

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