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KW-Signs are trained D/HH (Deaf / Hard of Hearing) and hearing agents with adequate tools to meet the real estate needs of the D/HH communities. KW-Signs also provides clients with access to an array of certified business partners who are in tune with the needs of the D/HH communities. Beyond helping families reach homeownership, KW-Signs incentivizes the market to create new employment opportunities for the D/HH communities in all fields related to real estate while also providing tools, education, and resources to (hearing) leaders, offices, and businesses to help them achieve equitable service.

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From plumbers to real estate lawyers,  we have our clients covered.   Every business partner we work with is KW-Signs Accessible Certified to ensure a first-class experience from start to end! 

We provide them with the tools and the training to properly communicate with our clients and their families.

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The key to a smooth transaction is communication and trust.  Our agents and KW-Signs Accessible Certified business partners have all the right tools to communicate clearly with our clients (e-­mail, videophone, text messaging, FaceTime, and more.)  Therefore minimizing the stress or anxiety from the home buying/selling process.  


"We promise to provide our clients with outstanding professional service in their language by our agents and certified business partners."


  • To provide strong opportunities for Deaf and HH real estate agents to participate in all levels of the real estate industry. 

  • To train successful Deaf and HH real estate agents. Their hard work will incentivize other real state related industries to hire Deaf, HH, or ASL proficient individuals in order to properly accommodate Deaf and HH clients. 

  • To create a fertile environment where Deaf and HH real estate agent can be successful and assist Deaf and HH community members to grow their wealth through real estate ownership and investments. 

  • To create a national homeownership database of Deaf and HH homeowners, renters, buyers, sellers, investors, and landlords.

  • To set in motion a new perpetual real estate industry cycle nourished by wealth-building communities through employment and investments.

"Change your thinking,  change the world" 

                                                   - BOLD law

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