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  Buy NEW with confidence   

The New Home Credit Program is a consumer protection initiative and a financial incentive for buyers to be informed and educated when engaging in a new home purchase.  The goal of the program, beyond helping home buyer successfully purchase a home, is to guide, educate, and inform.  The New Home Credit Program application is FREE, very simple and without any scrutiny, and  does not require buyers to take any classes; instead, the program pairs each family with a qualified real estate professional and loan advisor who will guide them step by step. 

Eligibility requirements:

  • Buyers must complete a New Home Credit Program Application

  • Buyers must work with a program assigned Texas Realtor

  • Buyer must complete a loan advisor consultation

  • Buyer must enter into a purchase agreement with a major home builder in DFW 

  • Home purchase must happen within the fiscal year 2024


This limited-time offer is designed to make homeownership dreams a reality, providing families with unparalleled benefits and financial advantages.


Who qualifies for this credit?

Most people can qualify for up to $5000 in credits under this program.  Registered buyers over18 can take advantage of this opportunity.  US citizen, residents, and ITIN holders are all eligible.  Cash buyers and individuals needing financing are equally eligible for full benefits.  Financing and step-by-step guidance will be available to all buyers through assigned highly qualified local Texas Realtors.  

How's the New Home Credit applied?

After application is submitted, the New Home Credit is approved and the amount provided to the designated REALTOR® prior to signing the purchase agreement with the new home builder.  The amount will be part of the transaction and will appear in the Settlement Statement.  The New Home Credit can be applied towards multiple options including closings cost, appliances, builder upgrades, and other lender allowed options. This credit will be applied on top of the builders incentives.   The program designated REALTOR® assigned to the buyer will guide the new home owner on the most appropriate way to apply the New Home Credit. 

Will this program affect my credit?

NO, the New Home Credit program is not a financial institution and does not pull buyer's credit. All gathered information is passed along to the appropriate mortgage broker in order to assist secure financing for the home purchase.    

The New Home credit amount is based on an array of factors that are NOT related to the buyer's income.  All buyers, regardless of income or buying power, are equally eligible to receive a New Home Credit.   

Does income affect the New Home Credit amount

What are some disqualifying factors?

The most common disqualifying factor is failure to register your designated REALTOR® with the home builders at first contact.  All buyers are requested to provide builders with the name of their designated REALTOR®.  This allows the builder to contact your agent during the homebuying process and informs them that the REALTOR® will be interceding on the buyers behalf when needed. This program is only available for home owners, investors do not qualify. Other disqualifying factors include incorrect application information, fraud, and breach of contract with the builder. 

Can the credit be used for a pre-owned proeprty?

There are some circumstances where the credit could be applied.  Each case is reviewed and approved separately. 


A designated realtor will contact you soon to set up your buyer consultation.

* All applicants must complete a full application,.  All funds are applied to the transaction and are not redeemable in cash.  Texas REALTORS are qualified by the New Home Credit program and assigned to each applicant.  New Home Credit recipients  MUST complete a loan advising consultation and work with their assigned REALTOR in order to obtain full benefits.  The New Home Credit program is not a financial institution, each applicant is provided with a loan adviser who can provide financing, however the buyer is ultimately responsible to choose and obtain their own financing for the home purchase.  Property must be located in the Dallas Fort Worth  metropolitan area and must be buyer's primary dwelling.  Additional terms, condition, limitations, and qualifications may apply.  

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