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Change your life! 
Start a business that funds your life by design.
Easy steps to your real estate career

Step 1

Obtain your license. 

There are MANY online and in-person real estate schools across the country.  Right now not many are Deaf or HH accessible but we are working towards improving that.  In the meantime, we have found a great online option with CLOSED CAPTIONING !     You will receive an email with more information


It will take several weeks to finish all the required classes.

Step 2

Take and pass your state and national exams.


You will have up to a year to take these exams. We highly recommend you take an Exam Prep Class before you take the exams. These classes will help you focus on the areas the exams centers on.

Do not worry if you don't pass, you can re-take the prep class and the exams. 

KW-Signs will also help you with...

Picking and joining a Keller Williams market center (office).


All Keller Williams agents join the Keller Williams family through a sponsor.  KW-Signs will help you find the right market center and would be honored to be your sponsor.   We will email you our sponsorship letter, make sure you have it with you during your on-boarding (the day you sign-up) to Keller Williams. 

Navigating the market centers and Keller Williams


Keller Williams, your market center and KW-Signs have a lot to offer, and there is a lot of information to know.   KW-Signs has created a manual for YOU.  This manual describes what you need to do, what to look for, and other tips. 

Agent Manual

Training and many ways to begin building your business.


All Keller Williams agents have access to Keller William University. Our training is considered the world's best training in all fields.  This much information can be a little daunting, however, the best place to start is always with IGNITE.  Click below to get started.

ASL interpreted


Sorry for the inconvenience

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